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Ways To Participate

Whether you're interested in volunteering or considering a role on our executive board, there are diverse opportunities for involvement within CFC. The level of participation is entirely flexible, and there's no set requirement for time dedication. In this organization, 'membership' is fluid, allowing individuals to engage at a pace that suits their preferences and availability. 



We help plug our fairies into opportunities to volunteer directly for partnering organizations, as well as offering occasional events where we volunteer as a group.  

Fairy Fundraising

We table at local events and public locations, bringing our fun fairy vibes in order to draw attention to our cause. Our goal is to help raise awareness for important causes and encourage folks to donate directly to our partner organizations. With this approach, we also aim to inform, empower, and inspire those within our community.

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Currently Seeking: Photographers

We need talented photographers to shoot our events and projects. By donating your time and talent, you will be helping us capture the magic of our work and provide material for our social media and this website. In return, you will receive our abounding gratitude, good vibes, fun experiences, and resume-building material!

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